Thursday, May 9, 2013

While The Cat's Away...

So, while the guys are away, toughing out the late spring snow and cold in Colorado, I'm getting ready for a couple of stealth camping trips.  (Shhh...)  The first order of business is getting the new (to me) camping trailer set up for adventure.  

The new tiny home
In considering what to christen her, I feel I must take into account my former gypsy domiciles.  The back of "Big Red" served me well for many a foray into the wilderness and she is still the puller of my camping castles.  Her first charge was "Noah's Ark", the oversize cab-over camper I lived in with my 3 now grown children, their 2 dogs, 1 cat and hamster, when we were traveling prior to settling down in Arizona.  "The Egg" was our next small camping trailer, named by my youngest son, after our dear friend's favorite camper.  "The Egg" was traded in for our current model, which is a bit roomier and has a toilet and shower - a big plus for any extended travels.  I guess I will have to keep "rolling it around in my head", as my grandma used to say, as the appropriate name has not yet presented itself.

Big Red
Back to getting the trailer ready, it looks like she's gonna need two new tires.  I was hoping for just one, but upon closer examination, both of them look pretty worn and primed for a blow-out.  At least the spare is new...  I have yet to give the inside a good cleaning and inspect all the plumbing and electrical, but as soon as I have the tires on, she'll be good enough for local camping trips.  At least it's a step up from a tent or the back of the truck.  

Looks like the tires will have to wait at least a couple of weeks.  I guess I'll go for some day hikes instead.  White Horse Lake is close by, and is uncrowded as yet.  The trails are great for getting back into shape after several years of not much hiking.  I'll post some pics and info on that soon.  

Until then...Happy Trailers!

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Amy said...

Can't wait to see pictures. Thanks for the prayers. It makes me feel so much better.

God Bless and have a wonderful weekend.