Catholic Traveller is dedicated to helping you renew your spirit through pilgrimage. 

We visit missions, shrines and other holy places, and try to provide a flavor of each, with lots of pictures, tidbits of information, and other items of interest in each area.  Our goal is to encourage you to put a little pilgrimage in your vacation and travels, to renew your spiritual life, as well as your spirit.


Catholic Traveller was started by Robyn Dolan in 2003 as a way to share her enthusiasm for her Catholic faith and for travel, by encouraging visits to interesting and historic shrines and churches in various destinations.  Firm believers in getting away from the daily grind for contemplation and spiritual renewal, we encourage the act of pilgrimage, whether a brief visit to one's local church, or a journey of days or weeks to a holy place.  Our hope is that in sharing our pilgrimages, you will be inspired to start making your own and grow closer to Jesus and Mary on the way.

Robyn Dolan

(c) Copyright 2003-2014 by Robyn Dolan

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