Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh the Drama!

Maybe it's the so-called "alignment of the planets", as some say, or maybe it's just me, but there seems to have been a whole lot of drama going on lately.  Families have their own inherent drama, of course.  Someone's hurting, "well-meaning" others come in and stir things up and suddenly everything's out of hand.

In our church communities things get out of hand, too.  Disputes over bilingual Mass and Latin or not get as heated as immigration law debates.  Some cannot set aside their differences and agree to disagree, and leave.  It's sad in families, it's sad in our church family. 

The media pursues the sexual abuse issue like rabid hounds.  As though they've forgotton Jim Baker.  Or as though it's any bigger than taxpayer dollars going to big bankers to pay out bonuses to already overpaid executives.

Why are we so addicted to drama and the inevitable tragedy that accompanies it?  Where do we find the answers, for healing in our families, our church, our world?  All we can do is practice.  Practice Jesus' example of unconditional love.  Practice tolerance - of different languages, different opinions, different customs.  Practice spiritual discipline - attend Mass, receive Holy Communion, go to confession.  Pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. 

We who are not politicians, turn over our anxieties to the Highest Power, and make our voices heard to our elected representatives.  We who are families, die with Christ every day for peace in our homes.  We who are Catholics, die with Christ to our own self-righteousness, for peace in our communities.  We can only do a little.  But if we each do a little, so much gets done.

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